Thursday, September 22, 2011

Home sweet Future

NakaHouse, Located in Hollywood Hills, Designed by XTEN Architecture

I came across this house today through Trendland and I was just absolutely floored when I saw it. This uber contemporary bundle of joy is literally the exact vision I have of (one of) my dream homes. Absolutely stunning with its sparse, open space. Huge, flawless crystal clear windows, with an amazing view of the fresh greens can one resist?

I get that a lot of people are obsessed with the idea of Baroque style or even Spanish style homes as their "Dream Home." I appreciate that aesthetic as well, as I would in a heartbeat want to live in one of those beauties, but I don't see how one can deny the beauty in this methodically designed space. Maybe it's just me, what do you think?

Here's some more jaw-dropping pictures of this wonderful home...

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