Tuesday, September 13, 2011

FNO 2011!

So, it's been a little while since my last post - sorry about that! This past week has been completely hectic with NY Fashion Week having started, Fashion's Night Out and not to mention getting back to "real" Parsons mode all over again, this semester. I only say 'real' because up until yesterday I had not had my Concepts(Design) and Methods(Sewing) classes just yet. Now, I'm all caught up, and school is back in full swing. The pile of homework hasn't been slacking either...I've currently got growing stacks waiting to tackle. 

However, I did decide to take a breather and catch up with you guys on one of my most memorable of the few past days: Fashion's Night Out! I've been participating in this event since it was originally created, exactly three years ago. I must say though, I thought this year was the best by far! Maybe it was all the free stuff, the heels clacking all over the New York City streets or the champagne induced laughter heard all around. Needless to say, it was pretty great! My night started out at McQueen, where my Boyfriend(David), my friends and I met up to collect the key...
Everyone barely managed to stay put in their place as they waited for the beautifully laser-cut purple plexi glass key. Which had a code where you could win a McQueen bag, blah, blah, blah...everyone had the same code, so I'm not sure exactly how that worked. It was fun to receive it either way. Next, we went DVF where David and I made a motion picture flip book! The result was great, it is the cutest little thing. But I must admit I was laughing through out the entire thing, and a tad bit embarrassed as we had to keep moving around in front of people while pictures kept being taken of us. It was worth it though. Later we made other stops including Hugo Boss, Alexis Bittar, Marc Jacobs, the Gansevoort Hotel,  some other boutiques, and finally ended our night at Theory where they had a pretty kickass concert.  

Here are the remains from FNO...
I hope your FNO was just as great! Can't wait till next year's!

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